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A professional performs the treatment by combining active ingredients that are 100% personalised according to the patients needs and aesthetic conditions.  The professional then uses one of the six exclusive massage techniques offered by mesoestetic to enhance treatment effectiveness and maximise the absorption of the active ingredients into the epidermis.  Used in combination with the homecare products the results are boosted to obtain maximum silhouette remodelling.
The bodyshock treatment consists of an initial phase based on 10 sessions in the aestheticians clinic.  More than one area can be treated in the same session, so a more defined silhouette can be obtained in just five weeks.  The second phase of treatment consists of the application of the homecare treatment products during and after professional treatment.

Clinically demonstrated efficacy

At Mesoestetic we performed in vitro studies with cultured adipocytes in our biotechnology laboratory in Barcelona abs in vivo studies with volunteers who underwent the combination therapy:  professional & homecare.
Positive, observable results were achieved in 14 days.
Results of the in vitro studies:
homecare studies
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