c.prof by mesoestetic

An exclusive line of cocktails of active substances that provide efficient solutions to the main facial and figure aesthetic concerns.

The great variety of active substances included in its formula encourages a natural cell repair phenomena while palliating changes to the skin tissue.  Its pH falls within the physiological pH range of between 6.5 and 7.5 guaranteeing an optimal level of skin tolerance.  Each vial of c.prof contains the active substances necessary to perform and individual session and ensure an optimal result during the treatment process.

Exclusive line of active substances cocktails

1 vial = 1 treatment session

Physiological pH range of between 6.5 and 7.5

Combining cocktails in different sessions

4 active substances in each cocktail (1 unique and original active substance)

c.prof 222 body firming solution


Body firming solution 5 x 10ml

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c.prof 210 depigmentation solution


Skin depigmentation and whitening effect  5 x 5ml

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c.prof 211 photoaging solution


Antiaging action with flash effect 5 x 5ml

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c.prof 212 facial tightening solution


Facial firming with tighening effect  5 x 5ml

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c.prof 220 body draining solution


Draining and decongestent effect for the body 5 x 10 ml

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c.prof 221 lipolytic solution


Fat mobilising effect for the body 5 x 10 ml

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